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Flexident material in dental laboratory

* High Flexibility and strength
* Reline-able and repairable
* Odor and plaque resistant
* Biosafe (hypoallergenic and allergen-free)
* Extremely low rate of shrinkage​


Biocap picture

Capillary technology offers dentists and patients the beauty, health and longevity of gold crowns and bridgework, produced through a revolutionary new process with unparalleled strength, accuracy and aesthetics. BioCap is the answer for even the most challenging cases.

Full Cast Crowns

All cast crowns are checked on solid models to ensure fast seating contacts. Occlusion is set to your bit registration. Crowns are finished to a mirrored surface, free of scratch, pits and porosity. All of our full cast crowns are offered at flat-rate pricing.

* Full Gold Crown with 53% Gold
* Full Cast Crown- Semi-Precious
* Full Cast Crown – NonPrecious

Porcelain Fused Metal

When treatments require a PFM restoration, you count on Unitek to always provide the highest quality products delivered on time.

* Porcelain to 88% Gold
* Porcelain to Semi-Precious
* Porcelain to Non-Precious


E-Max is a user friendly, all-ceramic restoration product. The material used for the substructures is Vita In-Cream. E-MAX’S natural aesthetics result from a dentin colored coping that prevents an opaque shown-through.

IPS Empress

IPS Empress is an all-ceramic pressed leucite for inlays, inlays and veneers. It provides anterior strength and durability. IPS Empress guarantees natural-looking results.

IPS Eris, part of the IPS Empress system, is a unique restorative material for anterior three-unit bridges and single anterior or posterior crowns. IPS Eris can be conventionally cemented using traditional glass ionomer cement or be adhesively bonded. The lithium dislocate framework provides three times more flexural strength than the original IPS Empress formula.

Flexident™ Dentures

Dentures made from Flexident

* High flexibility and strength
* Reline-able and repairable
* Odor and plaque resistant
* Biosafe (hypoallergenic and allergen-free)
* Extremely low rate of shrinkage

Full Dentures

TCS Totally Natural Dentures are life-like dentures that virtually disappear in the mouth. They are strong,durable and yet lightweight and translucent. Due to the strength of this resin, TSC Totally Natural lends to a more natural feel, closely mimicking natural dentition.

Our Premium Dentures are strong, fit well and are comfortable. Our goal is to supply your patient with trouble-free, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing restorations. UNITEK offers a wide range of techniques for both the design and finish of your denture case.

Partial Dentures

Cast Metal Partials – your patients will appreciate the excellent craftsmanship of our cast metal partials. Choose from chrome cobalt, Vitallium® 2000 or Vitallium® 2000 Plus. Our highly experienced technicians will survey and design your cases, following your specifications and requirements.


Valplast® is a flexible, thermoplastic, unbreakable, thermoplastic nylon. Its translucency and three basic tissue color allows the patient’s natural tissue tone to appear through the partial material. Valplast® is perfect for the patient who does not want to show metal clasps, are perhaps sensitive to metal or who cannot tolerate a metal-base partial. Our patients love them!

TCS Totally Natural Combos provide a lightweight, translucent appearance with the strength of cast metal framework. Clasps are finished in TCS Totally Natural material, hiding or eliminating metal clasps.

Talon Thermoplastic Appliances

* NightGuard
* Repositioning splints
* TMJ/D appliance
*Anti-Snore Appliance

* Instant fit
* Absence of frustration
* Substantial chair time reduction
*Treatment philosophy and methodology unchanged
*Reduced delivery time

* Great comfort, absence of tissue pressure
* Optimum retention
* Has memory and non-warping
*Ease of insertion and removal

Space Maintainer

Modified Ring Retainer

Hyrax Rapid

Quad Helix

* Hawley Retainer
* Wrap Around
* Space Maintainer
* Lingual Arch

* Hawley Modified
* TMT Splint
* Ped/Partial/Flipper
* Quad Helix

Many More Available!
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